Taliverde – Home Sales in 2011 compared to 2012

by admin on September 27, 2012

Taliverde Home Sales

I’m John Cunningham with eXp Realty. I am excited, to present Taliverde Home Sales. Taliverde is located in the Arizona Biltmore. Today we are providing a market update. So, you can see what are the market trends  are recently, in the last couple of years, in Taliverde and Arizona Biltmore. Whether you are buying or selling, or just considering a purchase in the Arizona Biltmore. This is a great way for you to get acquainted with the fabulous community.

The update is for the 2012 and 2011. Right now we have 4 homes on the market in Taliverde. There are none under contract. In 2011, there are 3 homes sold. The average price is $788. The average price per square foot $219. In 2012, the market changed. We had 10 sales, but the average price is down to $168. That means, if you are looking to buy in Taliverde, you may find yourself a bargain. Just be aware, we are moving into the winter months and we are trending up in the Arizona Biltmore in general. The better homes on the market, will sell closer to $219 per square foot.

If you are looking to sell, you want to do all possible to attract the buyer. I’m John and you can find me  by  call or text at (480) 442-3501. If you would like to stay in step with the current events of Taliverde. The Arizona Biltmore communities Camel back corridor, Arcadia. I update, the markets frequently and post the report, to the website Biltmoreect.com. Just go to the Biltmoreect.com click on market reports. Fill in the form to the right, and I will send you then reports are they come about.

If you would like to sell, your place or think about buying a place. I would love to sit down with you.  I have a StarBucks application on my brand new iPhone and I know how to use it. I would love to sit down with you. Have a cup of coffee and talk about, you goals to buy or sell a home in Taliverde or Arizona Biltmore. Thank you.

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Thanks again for your interest in Taliverde Home Sales.


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