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by admin on September 27, 2012

Optima Biltmore Towers Market Update

I am John Cunningham with Coldwell Banker. This is a market update, for Optima Biltmore Towers, during 2011 and 2012. So, if you are considering a purchase in Optima Biltmore Towers You will be well acquainted with the market trends, and you will not overpay. If you are thinking about selling in Optima Biltmore Towers you should see the past marketing events and current marketing events. At the same time preparing for making your condo available for market. Lets take a closer look.

Currently Available Optima Biltmore Towers Condos

We keep all of the Optima Biltmore codos that are on the market posted at Biltmore411.com. Take a look at all of the Optima Biltmore Towers MLS Search Results.

Optima Biltmore Towers Location

Optima Biltmore Towers, is located at the corner of 24th and Camel Back street. It is right across the street from Biltmore fashion park and the Arizona Biltmore Resort. It is a 2 minute drive to the 51 freeway and 10 minutes away from the sky harbor air port. Currently, there are 4 condos on the market. On condo is under contract. In 2011, there were 27 condos sold. That gave us an average price of $231 and average price per square foot $178. So far in 2012, there are 14 sold. The average per square foot price is up to $212. So how is the market, you ask! We are on the way up. You can see the market is definitely trending up, as we move through the end of 2012, I expect the number to go up further.

Lets Connect

You can connect with me online, as JohnInPhenoix, on pinterest, my favorite new site. Flicker, twitter or facebook also or, you can call or text 602-558-3843. You can get the market reports. Every time I crank the reports out, I do many for Arizona Biltmore Camelback corridor, Arcadia neighborhoods. Just go to biltmoreect.com. Click on market updates, and fill out the form to the right and I will send them to you. If you are thinking about selling your place, in Optima Biltmore towers. We can provide you great information. So that you can accurately price your home.

If you would like to sit down and talk about it. The best way to move forward is to visit my office at 32nd and Lincoln.  I would like to get to know you, and here about you goals to sell or buy a place in Optima Biltmore towers. Thanks for watching this Biltmore market update. I look forward to connecting with you, and seeing you on the next update. Thank you.

See all the valuable information about selling your home in the Arizona Bilmore. Here’s a great video library for buyers , and access is free of charge.

Want to look at homes in the surrounding areas? See the available Arcadia homes, and then take a look at the Camelback Corridor homes too.

Connect with us online or better yet lets sit down and have a cup of coffee together. I have a Starbucks app and I know how to use it so coffee’s on me!

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