Fairway Lodge at the Biltmore – Market Update 2012 & 2013 Predictions

by admin on January 24, 2013

Fairway Lodge at the Biltmore Home Sales

See all the Biltmore Homes for Sale and then lets look at the Fairway Lodge at the Biltmore is a great place to call home and this year could be a breakout year for sales. The market in 2012 at Fairway offered a variety of sales with great swings in price. We did see positive indication for future sales in 2013 within the Lodge.

Buyers and sellers were really sitting on their heels back in 2010 when there were only 4 homes sold at Fairway Lodge at the Biltmore. Judging by the almost triple number of sales in 2012 it appears as though the confidence of both buyer and seller has surged onward and upward. The increased enthusiasm in sales points to a bright future for the community and anchors the project as one of the most important inside of the Arizona Biltmore and surrounding areas including the Camelback Corridor and Arcadia areas.

2012 Home Sales

Looking back at the previous year gives us all a real feel for where the market is heading, and seeing what has happened already in 2013 further bolsters our reason to believe that the trend of 2012 will continue to grow into the end of 2013, especially if rates hold and consumers continue to feel more confident in general about their purchases across the board. As you might imagine there was a wide difference in price per square foot across the 2012 era and the first sale out of the gate in 2013 is very encouraging for sellers.

Fairway Lodge at the Biltmore – Time to Sell?

Great question, and anyone thinking about selling their Fairway Lodge at the Biltmore residence has got to feel optimistic about what 2013 may have in store for them should they decide to market their home. Want to know more about the value of your home? Getting that information may be the key to your decision to sell or hold. If you’d like to talk about that I’d like to meet you. I have a Starbucks app on my iphone and I know how to use it, so send me a text or give me a call at 602-558-3843 and we will meet up for a conversation. I look forward to meeting you and in closing want to remind you that I keep the Arizona Biltmore Homes Sales activity here at BiltmoreEtc.com under the Market Updates tab for your convenience.

Homes Currently on the market in Fairway Lodge at the Biltmore

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