Colony Biltmore Home Sales – 2011 & 2012

by admin on September 27, 2012

Colony Biltmore Home Sales

Today I am giving you a market update for Colony Biltmore Home Sales. I am John Cunningham with Coldwell Banker.If you are, thinking about buying a second home in Sunny Phoenix. Colony Biltmore inside the Arizona Biltmore is one of the best places for your consideration.

If you currently live there, you know what I am talking about. We are going to look at numbers for 2011 and 2012. If you would like to become more acquainted with prices inside the Arizona Biltmore, go to & click on market updates fill out the form to the right. I will send you the reports every time I crank them out. I do reports for all of the communities in the Arizona Biltmore as well as Camel Back cordor and Arcadia communities.

Want to Sell Your Colony Bilmtore Home?

If you are thinking about selling your place. You want as many people as possible to know about it. The old school method, sticking a sign in the ground, its not going to work. If you go to Google, and look for something, you don’t’ want it to be barred on page 10. f you are like me, you check only the items listed on page 1. That is why is such a great site. If you have a home for sale, in Arizona Biltmore. It is going to show up on page 1 of Google. If you are looking for information about any of the great communities, for example Colony Biltmore or any of the other 24-25 communities in Arizona Biltmore you are going to see it on page 1 of Google under

Colony Biltmore Home Sales Numbers

So with no further wait, lets take a look at the numbers for Colony Biltmore home sales for 2011 up to todays date September 2012. Right now there are three homes on the market. There is one under contract under Colony Biltmore. There are nine places sold under Colony Biltmore in 2011. The average sales price, was $376. Giving us an average price per square foot of $216. Right now in 2012, there were 6 places sold in Colony Biltmore. The average price so far is $206. If you are thinking about selling, take heart. As we move though the winter months and the better homes come on the market. Followed by the buyer who really want to live in Colony Biltmore are coming into the valley. We are sure to see, this number rise as its typically rises in the winter months.I expect us to eclipse the $216 per square foot, price, as we move to the end of 2012. Even though prices are slightly down at the moment. I do again expect to see the final prices for 2012, to end slightly above the 2011 prices. Either way you can see a consistently good value inside the Colony , year after year.

If you are thinking about buying a home in the Biltmore.

In the Arizona Biltmore, take a look at what is available in the Colony Biltmore. You won’t be disappointed. The community as a whole has a lot to offer. We have hiking trails as Piesta Peak. There is the Camel Back Mountain to the east. Biltmore fashion park is located at 24 street and Camel Back inside the resort area. Nearby there are 2 wonderful golf courses, named the Adobe and Lynx. We have freeway access, just a mile away. The sky harbor airport, is a 10 minute drive. If you would like to connect with me, the best way is by cell phone. Call or Text, 602-558-8343. If you are thinking about, buying or selling and you want to get to know me. You can find me in Pintrest, my favorite new site. You can flicker, twitter, or Facebook me as JohninPhenoix.

My office is right next to the Arizona Biltmore at 32 and Lincoln. You may know that we have a new StarBucks on the corner. I would love to sit down with you. Talk about your goal to buy or sell a home inside the Arizona Biltmore. Thank you for watching this market update for Colony Biltmore Home Sales.

I will see you at the next one.

See all the valuable information about selling your home in the Arizona Bilmore. Here’s a great video library for buyers , and access is free of charge.

Want to look at homes in the surrounding areas? See the available Arcadia homes, and then take a look at the Camelback Corridor homes too.

Give me a call when you are ready to discuss Colony Biltmore Homes Sales.

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