Relocating to Phoenix Arizona? Leaving the cold country? You’ll love it here.  If you’re sure about moving to Phoenix you can start looking now. The searches on our website are super simple to use and have all the power of the Arizona MLS property search engine.

There’s so much to see and do in AZ. More on that later. For now lets cover some of the basics to make you move to the sun country smooth and gratifying. You are probably being transferred by your employer. They help pay the costs to get you here. Sometimes they’ll cover all of the expenses. If so, consider yourself fortunate. Having that support frees you up to focus on finding your place.

Planning to Relocating to Phoenix Arizona

Planning to Relocating to Phoenix Arizona starts with purging. Get rid of your snow blower and snow pants. The year round sunshine makes life so enjoyable here. Because of the weather people take advantage of the outdoor living and activities. You can go for a hike in the morning and watch the Dbacks at Chase Field later in the day. Furthermore, no matter what your preferences are, there’s something for everyone here.

Making the move to Arizona will require a-lot of thinking. Yet, taking the time up front to plan will eliminate lots of headaches and unnecessary hassles.  One of the best things to do to make this go well is to divide your move into 3 periods of time. Lets say you are leaving Boston and are due on the job in Phoenix in 4 months. There are things to do. Lots of things to do. Below are the three time lines that we recommend.

Two Months + Prior to Relocating to Phoenix Arizona

  • Get your current home on the market. You don’t want to be making two mortgage payments once you get to AZ.
  • If you have kids begin talking with them about the move. It’s important for them to be able to process the emotions of such a big life change.
  • Get in touch with your insurance agent to let them know about the move. You may need a special policy if the home is vacant.
  • Make any necessary repairs before selling. You may want to consider hiring a home inspector to find out what needs being done. More and more savvy home buyers are doing this.

Two Weeks – One Months Prior to Relocating to Phoenix Arizona

  • Arrange to shut down utilities
  • Notify title company or real estate attorney about your impending move

One Week In Advance of the Move

  • Let your creditors know about the move. Have your bills mailed to your new address
  • Walk into your bank and give them your new address.
  • Get recommendations for medical and dental professionals in Phoenix.
  • Arrange to have medical & dental records transferred.

Once You Get to Phoenix

If you have found your new home

  • notify insurance company.
  • Start up utilities
  • Enroll kids in schools
  • Make note of moving expenses if you are expecting to be reimbursed.

If you need help finding a home call us. Lets set up a time to talk about your plans. You can reach us at (480) 442-3501.





Homes in the Camelback High School Area

by admin on July 17, 2014

Camelback High School MLS Search

There’s lots to choose from when looking for Homes Near Camelback High School.

One of the great things about the homes that surround Camelback High School is that there is a huge range of prices to shop in. You’ll find everything from a single bedroom condo to full on estate properties.

Choosing the Camelback HS Area

Phoenix, Arizona is a beautiful town with an incredible nightlife, culture, music scene and tons of things to do. There are many different areas of Phoenix, Arizona which all have their own individual vibes and style. If you have children it would be a great idea to start looking for Camelback High School homes for sale in Phoenix, Arizona on. Camelback high school is an incredible high school with a long history of serving this sought out community.

While there are many academic reasons to love the Camelback High School region, there are also so many reasons based solely on the surroundings. Camelback High School homes for sale in Phoenix, Arizona are all conveniently close to tons of things for people of all ages and interests. It is truly a great area to live in. If you are interested in the great outdoors and checking out some local hiking trails, the Camelback High School area is perfect for you. Convinently located near some of the most amazing hiking trails in the southwest, the Camelback High School region will never leave you wanting for more outdoor adventure. If you are a golfer you will be right at home in the Camelback High School area. With numerous beautiful golf courses to choose from everyday, whether you are a novice or semi-pro, the golf courses near Camelback are unreal.

If you have questions about the area call us up and we will arrange a tour at your convenience. We can be reached at (602) 558-3843.

If you are a business man and continually on the move with your next business venture, the Camelback High School area is perfect for you. With easy and convenient freeway access as well as a mere 10 minutes away from Sky Harbor Airport, you can get anywhere you need to go quickly and easily.

Camelback and Arcadia High School Searches

Camelback High School homes for sale in Phoenix, Arizona have never been worth more. As more and more little conveniences are becoming prevalent in the Camelback High School area, more and more people are realizing this area is truly an up and coming oasis so take your time and consider the Camelback High School homes for sale in Phoenix, Arizona while browsing Camelback HS Properties for your next move.

Many of the people searching for homes in the Camel;back HS area are also looking at Arcadia High School Homes for Sale because the areas actually abutt up to one another, Take a look for yourself at both searches. Alternatively you may end up liking the homes in the Chaparral High School area. We’re here to help you out if you have any questions about these properties.























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