Biltmore Shores Real estate sales in 2011 vs 2012

by admin on September 27, 2012

Biltmore Shores Home Sales

I am John Cunningham with Coldwell Banker and I am excited, to talk to you about Biltmore Shores Real Estate Sales in the Arizona Biltmore. This is a great community. If you are acquainted with it or live there already, you know exactly what I am talking about. If you are looking for a place, in Sunny Phoenix. If you are perhaps a second home buyer. Maybe you are a full time resident and you want to live in a secure gated, lock and leave community. Biltmore Shore is a great choice. You will see that the community is consistent and stable in terms of price for the last few years.


There is not a lot the become available on the market. When they become available, they move quickly. With not less hesitation, the Biltmore Shores real estate numbers for 2011 up through todays date in late September 2012. Right now, there are none available in Biltmore shores. There is one under contract, in 2011 two were sold. The average sales price, is $522k. The average price per square foot is $103. Moving to 2012, so far there were 3 sold. The average price per square foot $191.

Ready to Sell?

You see, the price per square foot is hovering around $191 per square foot. This a good strong average, caring form 2011 to 2012. If you are thinking about selling you place, in The Shores It is new game out there. Throwing a sign in the yard, and putting it into the mos is not enough any more.

Get your home on Page One of Google

If you go into Google, and type in Biltmore shores or Arizona Biltmore homes. You see on top of the heap, time and time again. The reason, we produce quality content that people search for. If someone live in Canada, looking on Google for homes in Arizona Biltmore, They will find your place, if you are advertised with me. If you are simply sticking the sign in the ground and hoping that someone just appears. They may not know about your home. If you are looking to buy a place, the best thing to do is sign up for the market updates for Biltmore Shores Real Estate and all of the surround ing communities.

Local Real Estate Values

That way when you get down here and start looking at homes you are going, to be prepared and you will have a strong sense of what the real value is, so that you can be able to buy a home at a price that is fair to you. The best way to connect with me is by cell phone. You can text or call. My cell is 602-558-3843. I would love to sit down with you, if you are thinking about, buying or selling in Biltmore shores My office is right behind, the Arizona Biltmore community. Its located at 36 and Lincoln in Coldwell banker office
See all the valuable information about selling your home in the Arizona Bilmore. Here’s a great video library for buyers , and access is free of charge.

Want to look at homes in the surrounding areas? See the available Arcadia homes, and then take a look at the Camelback Corridor homes too.

Connect with us online or better yet lets sit down and have a cup of coffee together. I have a Starbucks app and I know how to use it so coffee’s on me!

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