Arizona Mortgage Choices: Conventional, FHA, VA, and more

My preferred lenderChoice matters, and that goes double for home loans. Arizona Mortgage Choices impact your home purchase big time. Getting a great house at a great price isn’t so great after all if you get taken to the cleaners by the lender. Many lenders make huge and unfair markups on their loans. Who do I use? Same guy I’ve used for the last 10 years: Taum Hemmingsen at Marketline Mortgage. He’s the person I trust my own friends and family to. He’s the lender I know will treat my clients fairly.


Taum can Help With Your Arizona Mortgage Choices



Taum consistently beats the big banks on rate and tops all local competitors with the service he and his staff provides.  You can find out more about Marketline Mortgage by visiting their website.

If you have questions about loans call Taum at (480) 967-8286. If you have a property question call me at (480) 442-3501.


What Kind of Mortgage is Right for You?

The operative word in our title Arizona Mortgage Choices is “choice”. If you have all the money in the world and like where rates are now you may want to take advantage of a conventional loan with 20% or more down. Once the loan exceeds the current limit of $417,000 the loan moves into the Jumbo loan category and rates adjust according to market. These loans can be the way to go while rates are low as you may have other uses for your cash rather than tying it all up in an all cash home purchase.

FHA loans are as popular as ever because of the low down payment option. Recently the cost of mandatory mortgage insurance decreased by nearly 50% making the affordability of owning a home with a loan down payment even more attainable. In addition to being able to have home ownership within reach is the advantage of the low payments. Renting is no longer the way to achieve a low cost for housing. Depending on the rates available at the time you are reading this owning a home with an FHA loan is often less expensive than renting.

VA loans have come back into the fold as being the choice for those whop qualify. No monthly mortgage insurance, and zero down make getting into a home super uber cheap.

USDA loans are available for those who want to live in certain rural areas designated for this popular zero down loan. Check with Taum for more details.

As you can see there are tons of Arizona Mortgage Choices, and Taum will be happy to speak with you directly about your real estate goals. Taum can be reached at (480) 967-8286.

What can you buy with your Arizona Mortgage Choices?

Depends. The choices are unlimited. You are guaranteed to be impressed with the following considerations:

For even more options reach out to me at (480) 442-3501 so that we can arrange to meet over a cup of coffee at the Biltmore one of these mornings. I’d love to meet you and hear about your real estate goals.